What Is Cru?

Cru’s high school ministry is all about connecting teenagers to Jesus Christ!

IMG_82371Not only do teenagers represent the future leaders and parents of our nation and world, but they are also a major influence in today’s society, both for good and bad. Teenage students also represent the most responsive age group to the gospel, as over 80 percent of those who receive Christ do so by age 18.

Imagine a spiritual movement of teenagers living out a contagious faith in Christ at every school. Every person in a community would have the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ before graduating from high school.

Since 1967, Cru has specialized in impacting the youth culture and making the gospel relevant to their world. Cru’s unique spin on youth ministry is our focus on connecting with the “emerging adult” side of the teenager.

Teenagers are leading movements of evangelism and discipleship that touch entire schools and communities for Christ. Many imagine youth ministry as simply leading a Bible study for teenagers, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle! We want to challenge teens to take the next step in their spiritual journeys. Our most significant ministry happens when we train students to become missionaries to their peers.

We call it “Win, Build, Send.”

Here’s how it works.IMG_83642

  • Win: Exposing students to the gospel individually and in groups and giving them an opportunity to respond.
  • Build: Training and teaching students in small groups and at student conferences, so they have tools to walk with God for a lifetime.
  • Send: Launching students into the lost world around them, we help them develop their own personal ministry at their high schools and on missions to schools in other countries.

Vision: We see a day when every teenage student will have the opportunity to know and follow Christ!

  • Purpose is to glorify God by helping fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Mission is to build spiritual movements so that every middle school and high school student has the opportunity to know and follow Christ.
  • Values are faith, growth and fruitfulness.