Getting out of the Bubble

This month we took 30 junior high students and parents to the inner city.  We believe that a part of discipling suburban teenagers is getting them out of their suburban bubble to catch a glimpse of what life is like elsewhere.  Just 30 minutes away we found an incredible woman “Mama” who runs a restaurant [...]

Old Family Pictures

We've scanned Brann and Michal pics from 1918 until 2000 and here they are.  It is a collection of pics from Ruby Brann, Barb Michal, and the later ones are from Mark Michal.  The first link below is "untouched" photos.  No cropping, no color fixing, just straight up scanned.  The second link is the touched up versions of [...]

More Character Traits and Verses

This is a page where I will put a list of character traits that I want to build into my boys, as well as some verses from the Bible that go along with those traits.  Please feel free to make suggestions in the comment section below.  I'll be working on it bit by bit so [...]

Godly Man Circle

Raising men... Building men... Molding men... Making men  What exactly is my role here?  I have these 3 young boys that God has given me and I want to see them grow into men to be proud of.  Between the overwhelming influences of an all-Powerful God on one hand and an mine field of a [...]

Adoption Update

We got some discouraging news last month.  The administrative challenges in Ethiopia are making the process move so slowly that our adoption agency is encouraging all Ethiopia adopters to move to other programs.  For almost 4 years now we have been excitedly awaiting a baby girl from Ethiopia and now we are facing the likelihood [...]

The Amazing Date

Does anything make us more vulnerable than love?  Every year at around Valentines day we have an outreach called The Amazing Date.  We have a game show type game where couples compete for donated date packages and the speaker uses the issue of romantic love to set the stage to share the gospel.  It is [...]

imnotfamous videos

We brought 80 students from Fishers High School to this years Fastbreak conference.  Many of them joined in our Sunday outreach where we recorded our student's testimonies and posted them on youtube.  The students sent links to their friends by Facebook, Twitter, and text. The night I got home I spent 2 hours watching our [...]

Stand Up For Your Sister

Last week at our Fastbreak conference, I (Dawn) had the privilege of leading our young women through a seminar focused on self-image and purity.  I taught on 1 Cor 6 that encourages us to flee from sexual immorality, and Gen 2-3, unpacking the original sin, the nature of temptation and shame, as well as Romans [...]

Prayer and Praise

Praise God for His grace in helping Mark and his team complete their project. Pray for wisdom for the National Team to know how best to implement the changes. Pray for Chandler as he delvers his talk on Monday and works through his list of names. Please pray for our family as we enter into [...]

A Heart for the Lost

I”m sitting at Burger King waiting for Chandler.   Chandler is a senior who has grown into one of our ministries main leaders.  He’s giving our main talk next Monday night and I’m meeting with him today to help him put the finishing touches on it.  When I asked him what he wanted to speak about, [...]