Bringing Kate Home

Katherine was abandoned under a bridge in Zhenjiang, China.  Just days old, someone found her and brought her to an orphanage where she has lived the past year waiting for a family to love her. Six years ago, Dawn and I started down the wonderful road of adoption.  Our, then, 1 1/2 year plan to [...]

A Busy September

Hello from Fishers, Indiana!  Dawn, the boys, and I hope and pray that your fall is going well and that you are trusting in the goodness of Christ.  And let me tell you, he is good!  He is sustaining us through a very busy fall.  There is so much to share.  Let me share some [...]

Life of Adventure

CLICK HERE FOR LIFE OF ADVENTURE PHOTOS (AND HERE FOR A FEW MORE) It has been a crazy and exciting summer for the Michals.  I (Mark) had the awesome privilege of taking about 40 high school students, college students, and adults to Wyoming for 10 days of camping, hiking, and backpacking.  This was my third [...]


Hi Friends! As you know, Dawn, the kids and I are moving to sunny, sweaty ORLANDO!  One last thing we need to do while we are here in Indianapolis is put all our stuff in a truck.  Can you help? Would you be willing to lend us your body for a few hours to save [...]

Senior Sharing

Well, it’s the end of another school year.  Another batch of seniors is passing through our ministry.  We have so enjoyed being a part of their lives and seeing them grow in their relationships with Christ!  We asked the seniors to text us and tell us how Cru has impacted their lives.  Here’s what they [...]

Brad and Johnna introduce the Michal’s

Hi friends!  Brad and Johnna here!  We want to introduce you to our good friends, Mark and Dawn Michal.  They are in full-time ministry reaching teenagers on public high school campuses through a ministry called Cru.  We love what they do, and we love them as friends and we think you'll love them too!  Check [...]

Men’s Time

Once a semester at Cru, we separate our men and women to have a talk specifically for them.  In men's time last week, I had the guys participate by writing their answers to 4 questions on big sheets of paper on the wall: What Men do you respect and want to be more like? What [...]


Dawn and I had a Cru High School Leadership conference this month in Orlando so we decided to take a few days of vacation and do Disney afterwards!  So, we loaded up the van and took a road trip.  Dawn’s parents flew down to watch the kids while we were in the conference then we [...]


Chase has been coming to Cru on and off for the past few years.  He's never been big on church or God, but his girlfriend comes to Cru every week and brings him along.  Over the past semester he has begun to take his faith a little more seriously and decided to sign up for [...]

Fastbreak Textimonies

Our Fastbreak conference took place last weekend.  I asked the students to text me a few sentences about how God worked in their life at the conference.  Here are some of their comments...   God showed me this weekend that just by being myself, I can be a light to others and they can see the [...]