A Slovenia Story

Over Spring Break I (Mark) had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia with a handful of teenagers to share the love of Jesus with the students there. Each day after school we had activities for the students we met and on Wednesday, Tinky (a Freshman) came to our Short Film Festival at a nearby coffeeshop.  [...]

Impacting a Teenager Impacts the Family

We see some very cool stories happening all the time in our work with teenagers, but once in a  while something happens that just makes you say, “Wow”!  Here’s one of those stories.  Jenny got involved with Cru through a softball outreach that Dawn did with her team a few years ago.  She came from [...]

Here we go again!

150 students from the Fishers area made their way to Louisville last weekend.  Our Fastbreak conference is always a time when God does great things in the hearts of our students and this year was no different.  10 of our students professed first time decisions for Christ at Fastbreak.

FASTBREAK starts today!

One of our biggest ministry events of the year starts today.  I wanted to reach out to you and ask for prayer this weekend.  At 4:30 today, 150 or our Fishers area students will be loading busses and heading to Louisville, KY for our annual FASTBREAK conference.

Talking about Sex

You don’t have to be an expert on teenage culture to know that students today are growing up in a sexually saturated world.  Things like students texting nude pictures to each other and 15 year old boys having access to pornography on their phones 24 hours a day would have sounded ridiculous 20 years ago.  [...]


Last night I stood before 300 teenagers and told them how they could know God personally.  It was our annual 220 Foot Banana Split Fake Bags http://www.inhandbag.com Replica Handbags Replica Handbags Replica Handbags, our biggest outreach of the year, and our leadership students did a great job of inviting their friends and helping them feel [...]

Getting Started

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Getaway 2016

We took 21 students from Fishers Replica Designer Handbags Replica Handbags Replica Handbags, IN to the Rocky Mountain Getaway this June. One week in the mountains focused on learning to trust God http://www.inhandbag.com Replica Handbags, encourage others, and sharing Christ with the world. This was the first time our Fishers students went to this conference [...]

Sweet Surprise

A sweet surprise at the end of this school year was meeting Marlee Fake Bags Replica Handbags Replica Handbags, a senior who is just now graduating.  A friend recommended I contact her as she has been searching spiritually.  Her family is not a church-going family Replica Handbags, but her brother recently came to Christ through [...]

Shawn and Dynasti

Dynasti was one of our students that was greatly impacted by our Fastbreak conference in January.  She came home and said Replica Designer Handbags http://www.inhandbag.com Replica Handbags, “I just want everyone to know more about the love of God!”.  She invited her friend, Shawn Replica Handbags Replica Handbags, to our AMAZING DATE valentine outreach and [...]