Things are getting Real!

For about 6 months now we have been preparing for this move to Orlando and it’s closing in on us. We have sold our house and bought one in Orlando. We have reserved a moving truck to arrive in early June, and when it drives away on June 8th, so do we! There are lot [...]


As the spring starts to raise it’s beautiful head here in Indiana, we are entering into a new season. While we are still involved in the ministry at Fishers, there are 4 things that we are beginning to focus our hearts and minds on… We just had pictures taken yesterday and will be putting our [...]

Schools in Crisis

In 1999 God used the school shootings in Columbine High School to point Dawn toward a lifetime of ministry to teenagers. Almost 20 years later, it’s still happening. After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many in our country are saying, “enough is enough!”. While changing laws and policies will help, I am aware [...]

The Conference that Almost Didn’t Happen

“I’m sorry Mark but the roads are just too slippery out there.  We’re not going to let our daughter come to the conference”.  I was getting a number of texts like that last Friday afternoon.  The weather was bad enough to cancel school on the day that our buses were supposed to leave for our [...]

Daniel’s Story

Daniel was adopted at a young age as was his sister.  Last year, his sister, still in high school, became pregnant with a baby girl.  Daniel felt like this little girl was his first real family.  His birth mother had abandoned him, his birth father had declined all opportunities to meet with him.  He was [...]

A New Opportunity

The Michal family is facing some changes this year.  Mark has been asked to be the new Director of Research and Development for Cru's High School ministry.  Unfortunately, this involves stepping away from our ministry in Fishers and a move to Orlando.   Get the scoop in the videos below and please keep us in [...]

A girl named Nadia

“Mark, this is Nadia and she just prayed to receive Christ with me!” That is what Brynn, one of our Sophomore student leaders, said to me just before our Cru meeting a few weeks ago.  Nadia had grown up in a Muslim home here in the states but had heard about Jesus and, over time, [...]

A lot of Kims

 This summer a handful of our former students lead our summer ministry while we were away.  Kim came to Christ through Cru while she was in high school and continued to grow in her faith when she went off to college.  This summer, she helped some other college students lead our summer ministry here in [...]


This Summer we had an adventure.  We had two Cru conferences in Colorado with 4 weeks in between so we decided to take three weeks of vacation and one work week and spend the whole summer out west!  I put together a few videos of our adventure below...   ESTES PARK STUDENT CONFERENCE   THE [...]

Jesus in Colorado

Cru High School Summer Conference began June 10th in Estes Park, CO.  Our students arrived with great anticipation of time with friends in the beautiful Rocky mountains...