“I’m not sure what I think about God”

Trinity explained during one of our weekly Cru meetings. Trinity started coming to Cru in Plano, TX when a friend from school invited her to our fall pumpkin carving outreach. Trinity comes from a faith background where her parents have taken her to church occasionally but until the start of the pandemic, she did not [...]

Thriving in Vietnam

Before I (Mark) was born, my father traveled to Vietnam as a soldier in a war that didn’t go so well. How surprised I was this year when I learned that I, too, would have an impact in that country half-way around the world. A few months ago I told you that we had translated [...]

Jesus is for the Whole Family

God continues to do great things in the lives of teenagers and Dawn and I love being a part of it! Here’s a story about one of our students in California… I come from a family where I was 1 of 9 boys, we were very poor, and my father was an alcoholic. I was [...]

Graduation Time!

Typically May/June is filled every weekend with graduation parties for the Michals to attend.  Graduation season is filled with mixed emotions as we watch students that we have discipled mature into thriving young adults, and leave town over the summer to their respective new adventures. Our move to Florida meant less direct ministry and thus [...]

Reaching the World Virtually

Howdy from Orlando! The Michal Family is finding ways to keep moving forward during these Corona days. Everyone is home all the time which gives us ample opportunity to practice our conflict resolution skills, and have great family memories. We’ve gotten some new bikes, had dinner at the beach, played some croquet in the back [...]

They called her a Monster

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take Gabe and Jake to our Fastbreak conference in Ohio. This was the first time they were there as students, not just staff kids. It was so encouraging to hear stories of what God is doing, watch my former students grow in their faith, and watch my own [...]

Michal Travels

Howdy from Orlando! This month I (Dawn) had the privilege of spending a week with some of our new staff in a city that I know well & love - Indianapolis! And let me tell you, the future of Cru high school is Bright! I’m impressed with the men and women that God is bringing [...]


Howdy from Orlando! “I had an outreach with the football team today. Of the 21 that showed up, 13 prayed to receive Christ for the first time with me!” - Orlando Cru Field Staff This is outreach season for Cru. The beginning of the year is when we are gathering our students and looking for [...]

The Launchbox version 1.0

Howdy from Hartford Run Drive! The Michals are back in Orlando after a long summer away. We were so blessed to be able to see so many friends along the way out to Colorado this summer, but it is good to be home! Building up to the summer I (Mark) was heavily engaged in a [...]

Do people really respond to evangelism?

Howdy from Orlando! Have you ever wondered, “Do people really respond to the evangelism?”. Sometimes it can be hard to start a spiritual conversation with someone because you are plagued with doubts that they would want to talk about God or would ever become a Christian. The circles below show Cru’s evangelism numbers for the [...]