Student Venture is now Cru

Last summer Campus Crusade for Christ (North America) announced that we would be changing our name to Cru.  While our mission has stayed the same since CCC was founded in 1951, the culture around us has changed significantly to the point that our choice of name was becoming a barrier to reaching new people with [...]

My favorite “Dad” books

I am the dad of three energetic boys.  When I'm not wearing an Iron Man mask, stepping on hot wheels, or breaking up a fight, my mind wanders to how to produce godly men out of these rambunctious boys.  How do I build bodies, shape minds and turn hearts toward their loving Heavenly Father?  How [...]


Broken.  That word kind of says it all.  This morning as I left the house I was told about a TV that my wonderful boys broke downstairs, some new carpet that my dog clawed through last night, and an iphone that was accidentally dropped into the pool.  Add to that the window that doesn't go [...]

On The Homefront

The past two months have been a whirlwind of activity with the ending of the school year and the planning of the Getaway.  We were fortunate to have some good down time with family as we vacationed with Dawn’s family, and Mark’s parents joined us at Myrtle Beach to watch the boys for us as [...]

Myrtle Beach Getaway

Last week we took 10 students from Fishers along with a bus load of other students from Indianapolis to Myrtle Beach for our annual GETAWAY conference.  This year Mark was the Conference Director, so, although we didn’t see much of him, it was exciting to see him lead with the gifts God has given him. [...]

Getting Closer

Deanne had been to a few SV events, but she sat cross armed, gazing around skeptically.  There are people there that she is great friends with, but all the excitement about God ‘seemed contrived’, she said.  At some point, Deanne checked on a comment card that she wanted to talk further.  When I asked Caitlyn, her [...]

The Swamp Monster

This is a story I made up for my boys.  They keep asking me to tell it, so I thought I'd post it online... Once upon a time, there was a SWAMP MONSTER.  He was very hungry so he wandered around the swamp looking for something good to eat. At the same time, there were [...]

I Agree with JT

"I don't know what this 'I agree with JT' thing is, but I think I'm going to go".  This was a tweet from a Fishers student the week of our "I agree with JT" outreach in April.  She and 140 other students came to the Cafeteria that night to see what all the talk was [...]


  For a few weeks now Nick has been telling me about his friend, Drew who I HAVE to meet.  So, when Drew came to Student Venture last week, I asked he and Nick if we could get together and talk about Student Venture and how he could be involved.  I told him that in [...]

On the Homefront

Spring is here!  In the Michal house that means a lot of bike riding, skinned knees, open windows and meeting neighbors.  The baseball bats, frisbees, and basketballs are coming out of storage as are the shorts and sunglasses. Dawn and I had a great date night last night.  We got to ride our bikes to [...]