Please Pray for Ally

During our amazing 3 weeks in Central Asia this Summer, we met a new friend named Ally.  Ally was not a believer when we met her, but we had many conversations with her about Jesus in the 3 weeks there. The day after we left, she decided to place her faith in Christ!  It was so exciting to hear about her choice to follow Jesus!  

Ally’s country is a largely Muslim country and Ally comes from a Muslim family. After telling her parents about her choice to follow Jesus, she texted me (Dawn) about some challenges she is facing.  

“My parents said they would force me to marry [a Muslim] if I believe in another religion.  I’m the oldest in the family. They said if I do it, my siblings will have an arranged marriage right after school.  They will tell me to return to Islam, but I will not. I have never felt this ease, love, and hope in my heart before.”

I can’t imagine the courage it takes for this young woman to face this type of decision. Since their initial conversation, her parents have been less threatening, but there hasn’t been much resolution from this particular conversation. Please pray that Ally would continue to find the love of Christ compelling and have courage and that her parents will be inspired by the changes they see in their daughter… and not only relent in these threats but come to know the love of Christ as well.

Thank you so much for your part in helping this beautiful girl in her spiritual journey.  Please keep praying for her and our other new friends from Central Asia.

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