Trevor met Jesus on TikTok.

Trevor met Jesus on TikTok.

He told me (Mark) all about it as we walked around outside one afternoon at our Fastbreak Conference. He was scrolling through TikTok watching random videos and found someone talking about God. He had been thinking about God recently and started watching more and more. It turns out that once you start watching a certain type of video on TikTok, it suggests more videos like that. So every time Trevor opened TikTok there was a “God video” waiting for him. One night he found a video that told him how he could become a Christian. He had never gone to church and didn’t know many Christians, but he decided it was time to give his life to Christ.

Trevor’s friends invited him to Cru at Lake Howell High School and he came and kept coming back. Every week he heard adults and student leaders sharing how he could develop his relationship with God. He started reading the Bible, inviting friends, and growing in his faith.

A few months later I met Trevor in our cabin at Fastbreak. I was his cabin leader and we met with the 10 other guys in the cabin every night to debrief the day. The conversation was full of honest teenagers talking about the pain in their lives and encouraging each other to trust God through it. As the weekend went on, three others in the group chose to say “Yes” to Jesus, just like Trevor.

Between my job change and the COVID outbreak, it has been a little while since I’ve been able to connect with students at a Fastbreak conference. It is so refreshing and encouraging to see how God is moving among teenagers and drawing them to himself.

Please continue to pray for Trevor and his 3 friends who are all new believers. Pray that they would fall in love with Jesus and would desire Him above all else.




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