Cards That Start Spiritual Conversations

Dear Friend,

We pray that God is making himself known to you in 2022. We are so grateful for you and pray that God would draw your heart more and more to Him.

As we continue to create tools and resources to help people reach teenagers, we wanted to highlight one that God has been using recently. Snapshot cards (find them at are a pack of cards with pictures that we use to start spiritual conversations with students. Part of Mark’s role is to get these into the hands of our staff and volunteers and help more spiritual conversations happen.

Some of our staff recently shared how God used these cards with students in L.A. Here’s their experience.

“Mr. Preacher man, do you mind if I roll this blunt?” My friend David had just sat down among a group of about 8 students.  We were at Poly Burger, a block from the school,  in Long Beach California. We had approached this ever-moving bundle of students wondering how to break the ice.  I suggested, ‘let’s offer to buy a burger for any student willing to play our survey game” (Snapshot Cards).  It worked, and now David was trying to navigate a lot of chaos.  He answered the young lady holding the bag of weed.  “Sure, go ahead, don’t let me stop you.”  But she put it away and began to respond about her life and faith.  When I turned, two young men were staring at me.  “I’ll buy you a burger, if you give me your opinion on this little booklet,” I said.  They looked at one another and nodded their heads. We sat down, and I began to share the old, old story, which is as current and relevant to the heart of these guys as when Jesus taught it himself.

Halfway through, Chris blurted out, “you remind me of my religion teacher.”  “Oh, is that a good thing,” I asked.  He laughed, “yes it is!”  We continued, and I could see John, seated across from me, looking somber and misty eyed. I continued to explain how each of them could begin a relationship with God.  When we finished, they assured me that they had made that decision in the past.  “How is it working for you?” I asked.  They looked at each other, and kind of grimaced.  “Not so great.”  Chris said he was cut from the football team this year for low grades, ending his dream of playing the game post high school. They both wanted to get involved with Cru’s club on campus.

This fall we are seeing nearly a 700% increase in responses to the gospel!  In LA alone, 150 students have accepted Christ through one-on-one or small group interactions. Pray that God continues to use tools like this in the hands of faithful men and women to help draw students to Himself.



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