The Michal American History Tour 2021

Cru offered both Mark & I (Dawn) a sabbatical after serving for 20 years. Our sabbatical this summer was a dream I had while homeschooling the boys through 4th grade. Teaching and relearning American History with them caused us to love learning together as a family, and yearn to take them to all of the sites. I never thought we’d be able to go to so many of the places we went this summer, much less all of them at once.


Chapel Hill


Washington DC

Lost River State Park


New York


New Hampshire/Niagara Falls


And More!

We wrapped up our tour with Columbus, Cincinatti, and Indianapolis.  Great experiences in all those places.  We also spent a week in the early summer visiting Chattanooga to see some Civil War battlefields (and Mark’s family) and Alabama where we learned about the Civil Rights trail.  I hope to get a video about those out soon!



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  1. Ellen F Judy

    So much fun reliving this with you all!

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