Students Leading Students

One of our core values in Cru is that our movements would become increasingly student-led, as young people grow in their faith and take steps to share that faith with others. This pandemic has made it difficult for our staff to develop leaders but God is still doing great things in, and through, students in our ministry.

Most recently, we were so encouraged by the steps of faith that Pat, a senior at Littleton High School, has been taking. Shawn has struggled to meet new students over the past year, as his access to the campus has been limited. So, recently, he challenged Pat to schedule a time with some buddies to try to engage in a spiritual conversation, and Pat jumped at the chance! During spring break, Pat arranged for two friends he often skateboards with to meet with him and Shawn over lunch.

Shawn was excited to meet some new teens and eager to share the Gospel with them if they were interested. As they shared stories over some Chick-fil-A sandwiches, two things became abundantly clear:

These two young men had both experienced very challenging and troubled pasts that included dropping out of high school, homelessness, and addiction.
These two young men had already heard a ton about Jesus and experienced God’s truth and love, through Pat.

Together, Shawn and Pat shared a little more of their own personal stories and invited the young men to consider placing their faith in Jesus. Both men shared their desire to trust Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him! Praise the Lord! A few days later, at a Bible study Pat helps lead, the boys shared a bit more about the important role Pat has played in their lives, helping them to find a personal faith in Jesus. Listen to them share in their own words:

“I’m really thankful for Pat, because he’s always been there for me, and he’s actually introduced me to church.” -Jeremy

“What I’m really thankful for is just meeting Pat, because, before that, I was just some kid skating, just doing myself. Pat didn’t put the faith in me, but he led me to it. He led me to believe that there are other things that I should be putting my mind into, my energy, my time. I’m just thankful for that. In my downs, I turn to Pat, and he puts faith into me.” -Peter

We could not be more proud of Pat and the steps of faith he is taking, on his campus, his workplace, his family, and even local skate parks, so that others like Jeremy and Peter can find and follow Jesus.

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