Thriving in Vietnam

Before I (Mark) was born, my father traveled to Vietnam as a soldier in a war that didn’t go so well. How surprised I was this year when I learned that I, too, would have an impact in that country half-way around the world.

A few months ago I told you that we had translated our 76 THRIVE studies small group materials into Spanish to help teenagers there lead other teenagers closer to God. Well, this Summer (during the COVID lull) our staff in Vietnam came together and translated THRIVE studies into Vietnamese! We were able to get the translation into the app so they could begin using it for follow-up and Bible study this Fall. Here is what Hannah (one of our Vietnamese staff) said…

“We have begun our ministry for the new school year.  A lot of staff and students have used App Thrive studies version and they are very excited.  Many users have finished teaching the Walk part and give great feedback when teaching the Bible through this App.  As well as students who are learning to lead are also very excited.  Thank God and thank you for your enthusiastic support in the Vietnamese position through this project.
God bless you and your team.  We will always remember you and your team in our prayers.
– Hannah

P/s:  Tram  with black T-shirt is a new believer. After  she finished the first lesson, she excitedly asked “this lesson  is so wonderful.  What topic we will learn next?  “.  I am so grateful to God for using this app. “

When Dawn and I moved to Orlando, one of our main focuses was to help create a stronger foundation of materials for our staff in the U.S. to use so that more students could know Jesus more deeply. What I didn’t plan on is that as we make our tools better, we can share them with others around the world and empower teenagers that I can’t even communicate with to lead their friends spiritually.
Thank you for your gifts and prayers which are opening up the doors to new opportunities for the gospel that we have not yet seen. Please pray for Tram and students like her who are receiving Christ, growing in their new relationship, and then sharing their faith with those around them.

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