Jesus is for the Whole Family

God continues to do great things in the lives of teenagers and Dawn and I love being a part of it! Here’s a story about one of our students in California…

I come from a family where I was 1 of 9 boys, we were very poor, and my father was an alcoholic. I was bullied by my brothers because they thought my parents loved me more than them. As a result, I often felt unworthy, not good enough, and had trouble fitting in. By the time I reached 7th grade I found my crowd, began drinking and doing drugs and in reality was becoming much like my father.

Last semester, a friend invited me to attend a Cru Club meeting on campus. I didn’t care about it being a Christian club – I just wanted the free pizza. I later attended Cru’s Winter Fastbreak (photo with staff guy Brandt) and it was there I realized that I wanted what the kids around me had: happiness, peace, and good friends. I asked Jesus if he would come into my heart in my cabin and that day he saved me. I finally felt accepted and found the love and community I had longed for.
When I came back from Fastbreak, I began sharing my experiences with my family and talked to them about Jesus. My family were never the religious type and thought that I was crazy. They would make fun of me and tell me it was just a phase, but I continued to believe.

On Easter Sunday, I invited my parents to watch the Jesus Film in Spanish on Youtube. As the film was showing, I looked over and saw my parents in tears. When it ended, they began to ask me questions about my faith and if this is what had changed me.

As I responded, I told my family that they could experience this same love too. I began to share the Gospel of Jesus with them and they both prayed with me and invited Jesus into their hearts. I am so glad that I decided to go to Cru on campus, start a relationship with Jesus, and lead my family to do the same! Today my family and I are walking with the Lord together and we couldn’t be happier!

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