Graduation Time!

Typically May/June is filled every weekend with graduation parties for the Michals to attend.  Graduation season is filled with mixed emotions as we watch students that we have discipled mature into thriving young adults, and leave town over the summer to their respective new adventures. Our move to Florida meant less direct ministry and thus less grad parties to attend.  This year Covid has meant disappointing senior years, tons of cancelled senior events, and drive by grad parties.

In Cru staff world, there are graduations that happen as well.  There are several seminary classes that Cru staff are required to take, called the “Institute of Biblical Studies”.  Years ago, Mark finished his requirements for this, and this month Dawn took her last class, “Christian Worldview and Ethics”.  We are grateful for the way we are challenged to continue growing in Cru, and it feels good to have graduated from this Institute.

For our Cru New Staff / Interns, there is a 2 1/2 year training process called “Core Training” that our new staff are required to complete. Dawn is finishing up her 2nd year in the role of Core Training Coordinator- which overseas our Trainees across the country. This month the first 2 graduates of this program in the high school ministry have finished!  Naomi Arnold is launching our Washington DC high school movement, and Nicole Staggs has been launching a movement in Manhattan, KS.

Dawn also gave leadership to the training of 1 of Unto’s new staff (Cru’s humanitarian branch).  Jacey Linn had been one of our students almost a decade ago, and is now a New Staff at Unto.  Jacey asked Dawn to give leadership to her training/development, and although involved in a different Cru ministry, Dawn gladly took time to pour into this world-changer.

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