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Howdy from Orlando!

The Michal Family is finding ways to keep moving forward during these Corona days. Everyone is home all the time which gives us ample opportunity to practice our conflict resolution skills, and have great family memories. We’ve gotten some new bikes, had dinner at the beach, played some croquet in the back yard, and we’re training for a family 5-K. It has been a unique season full of some anxiety, trust in the Lord, and family fun.


As the school year is wrapping up, we wanted to tell you about a project that Mark’s been working on that we’re really excited about. We’re in the final stages of completing the Spanish translation of all of our Thrive Studies small group studies. This has been a massive project that Mark’s team has been working on. The translation work is complete now and the design work should be completed by the end of the Summer. Last Fall we asked our Director in Latin America if these studies would be useful to him in Spanish and he said “This is my dream!”. They have been using outdated materials and did not have the resources or manpower to create their own. To have studies designed for students to lead available for free in app or print is something he couldn’t have imagined. We are excited to offer these studies to the Spanish speaking world so that more students can lead their own small groups in Cru, churches, and in their own homes.
Please pray for us as we have other language groups at various states of translations including Russian, Albanian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

To see the Spanish Version of Thrive Studies, download the Thrive Studies app and click “Learn to use Thrive”. you will see the language drop-down there.



As all the negative news comes in about the state of the world, we wanted to share some cool ways that God is moving around the world. Years ago a Cru staff woman named Marilyn Adamson started a website called It is a simple website with answers to questions about God and an explanation of how to begin walking with God. Nothing fancy. Over the years the site has been translated and added to and many people have joined to help answer people’s questions, counsel people, and help them grow spiritually. Marilyn sends updates about the numbers of people the site is reaching around the world and the most recent update was very interesting to me.

In 2015, an average of 915 people a day told us that they asked Jesus in to their lives from this site. That is a huge number! While it is impossible to know what is really going on in someone’s heart in those kinds of things, It does show that people are seeking spiritual truth and finding biblical answers to their questions about God.
By 2019, we saw that number grow to 1,800 people each day – AMAZING!
But even cooler, in the past few months, an average of 2,700 people each day are telling us that they just asked Jesus into their lives from this site. That is every day!

Yes, people are scared, and and they are looking for answers to the big questions about life, and we are there, where they are looking. Please pray with me for these 2,700 people each day who are finding the answers they are looking for. Pray that God’s Spirit would do a new work in them and that He would bring flesh and blood Christians into their lives to help them grow in their faith.

Oh, and, BTW, many of those people are in countries that are closed to typical missionary work. God is redeeming Google one search at a time!


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