They called her a Monster

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take Gabe and Jake to our Fastbreak conference in Ohio. This was the first time they were there as students, not just staff kids. It was so encouraging to hear stories of what God is doing, watch my former students grow in their faith, and watch my own sons grow along with them. Here’s one story from the conference…

Kacy felt ugly in junior high school. She didn’t have any real friends and some of the other kids had a game they played where they would yell, ”the monster is coming!” And run away when they saw her. Kids can be mean. She felt worthless and couldn’t believe in a God that would make her so ugly and allow so much pain in her life.

Then a little blonde girl invited her to a Bible Study. Ellie was starting Cru at her jr high school and just wanted to shine Jesus’ light into the life of others. At first Kacy said, “No”, but Ellie didn’t stop inviting and eventually, Kacy decided to come. It became one of her favorite times of the week with the games, food, and people that seemed to genuinely care. She got a little uncomfortable when they would start the “God talk” part of the Bible study, but she stuck with it.

When she got to High School, she was invited to go to Fastbreak and someone paid her whole way because she couldn’t afford it and wasn’t really sure she wanted to be around all that God talk anyway. But she went, and God used that weekend to show her that she is not a monster, but she is made in the image of God who loves her completely just the way she is. She saw herself the way He sees her and His love won her over.

A year later at this year’s Fastbreak conference, she stood on the stage and shared her story. As she finished she said, . “I wanted to share my story because there may be other kids out there that feel ugly or useless and I just wanted you to know that you are loved by an amazing God”. So many students are bombarded with messages that they are not valuable enough – that they are monsters. Thank you for helping us share the unconditional love of our Father with a world that desperately needs His love.

Do you ever feel like a monster? Not doing enough, failing, un-known, hiding secret sins? In Kacy’s words, even if you feel like a monster, know that “you are loved by an amazing God”


Praise God …

  • For providing the funds for a new van and introducing us to a wonderful family who was greatly blessed by our old van.
  • For the completion of the first phase of our Launch Box app – helping people start new high school ministries anywhere – you can find it in the app store.
  • For 5 years with Kate. We’ve been watching her adoption videos again this week and are just so grateful to have her as a part of our family. Check them out at

Please Pray…

  • Please pray for Kacy and the many students like her who attended our recent Fastbreak conferences. Pray that God would continue the work He is doing in their lives and that they would continue to surrender to Him.
  • Please pray that God would continue to draw us to Himself – and that our children would be captivated by the person of Jesus.
  • Please pray for our National Leadership Team as we get away this month to put plans together for the next 2-3 years of our ministry. Pray that God would speak to us and guide us into what He has for us.
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