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Howdy from Orlando!


This month I (Dawn) had the privilege of spending a week with some of our new staff in a city that I know well & love – Indianapolis! And let me tell you, the future of Cru high school is Bright! I’m impressed with the men and women that God is bringing to our ranks as new staff and interns They took major steps of faith speaking in front of many groups of students that they didn’t know; sharing their testimonies, sharing the gospel and drawing out conversations of faith. God used them mightily in Indianapolis area schools during the week that we were there.

I was personally grateful to see so many friends and receive so many hugs… everything in the training conference went so very well – to the last detail. Thank you for praying and for those of you who brought our group meals – this and so much else encouraged me personally. I’m super grateful. I feel very much in my element being with these new staff as I create a community of training and uphold the value of teachability. I’m amazed how God is using the 20 years of experience I have to encourage our young staff. I can think of no better way to invest my life than in these people who have been called by God to our movement… who are supported by other people to do this work… who love Jesus and have a heart for reaching young people at the public school. There’s so much camaraderie & love and passion in the room… It fires me up for what we do all over again




While Dawn was in Indianapolis (and Dawn’s parents were watching the kids), I (Mark) was in Kansas City with a few hundred other leaders from different high school campus ministries. Our goal is to make sure there is a campus ministry on every high school and jr. high campus in the country. While there, I met Kevin and Peter – youth workers in Virginia. They wanted to start ministries on high school campuses but didn’t know-how. They came to our LaunchBox seminar and ate up everything I told them. They brought some copies of the Launch Box home, passed it around to their staff, and they are going to be starting some ministries at their local high schools.

Thank you for sending us to create the tools we’re using to launch spiritual movements where students desperately need Jesus. Kevin, Peter, and many leaders like them are reaching new pockets of students because of your continued prayers and support. THANK YOU!



Praise God …

  • For a very successful New Leader’s Training Conference in Indianapolis! A lot of work and prayer when into that.
  • For the new relationships, Mark made at the conference with leaders from other ministries like FCA, Youth Alive, and Youth for Christ. Pray that these partnerships result in more students knowing Jesus.
  • For helping us find a great translation team for our Thrive Studies Spanish translation. The work has started and it should be completed by the time our missions teams leave for Latin America this Summer. It will be a great gift we give to our ministries in South America.

Please Pray…

  • Mark has said “yes” to too many good projects and he’s feeling stretched too thin right now. Please pray that he would know what to say “no” to and what to prioritize.
  • Mark’s director has challenged him to be more intentional about building my R&D team for a greater impact. Please pray with us as we wrestle with who to challenge to join our R&D team and that the right people would say “yes!”
  • For God to move powerfully in and through the trainees as they work in their respective cities.




Gabe’s first year of marching band comes to a close.


Nate’s first ride on an airplane (he went to Indy with Dawn to see his friends)


Dawn’s first-ever Ohio State Football Game





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