Howdy from Orlando!

“I had an outreach with the football team today. Of the 21 that showed up, 13 prayed to receive Christ for the first time with me!”

– Orlando Cru Field Staff

This is outreach season for Cru. The beginning of the year is when we are gathering our students and looking for any good opportunity to share the gospel with them. All across the country Cru staff, volunteers and students are gathering football teams for pizza parties, volleyball teams with giant sub sandwiches and whole schools with 200 foot banana splits and sharing the gospel. Anytime we can gather students we do – all for the purpose of helping them begin a relationship with Jesus. We so desperately want students to know where they can find peace and meaning in their lives. it isn’t in their phones, their girlfriends, or their success. It is in Jesus Christ alone.

I love Cru’s focus on sharing the gospel and teaching our students to do the same. The value of the gospel has hit home with me (Mark) in a new way this Fall. My father passed away on Aug 29th. Dad came to Christ early in his life through a pastor in Texas. Dad went on to lead me and my brother to Christ years later, and now he has six grandchildren who are following Jesus. Because Jesus worked through that one pastor, a family tree was changed. I am part of that legacy as are my children. We are praying that God would do the same miracle in the lives of the students we encounter this Fall.

It has been said that you can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the numbers of apples in a seed. In the same way, when the gospel is planted firmly in someones heart, it’s not just that one life that is impacted, that person can impact hundreds and thousands of lives throughout their lifetime. Pray with me that, as thousands of teenagers continue to be presented with the gospel this fall, their hearts would be open, real life-change would take place, and they would become followers of Christ for a lifetime – just like my dad.

Until they all know


Mark & Dawn

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