Greetings from Orlando!

We have our hands in a lot of projects and relationships here but there is one that I’ve been really excited about recently. When we first moved to Orlando, I got an email from Jeff, a guy in leadership with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). FCA also works with teenagers on high school campuses, but it has always been more of a “fellowship” (holy huddle) kind of ministry than an outreach focused ministry like Cru. We often co-exist on campuses and love each other, but our ministries are a bit different. FCA has decided that they would like to do more training of their students how to share their faith and they came to us to ask what we are using. So I started talking with him about our THE FOUR method of sharing the gospel. Four simple symbols that each represent a part of a simple gospel message. We have put them on bracelets, t-shirts, stickers, and train our students to use those four symbols to start gospel conversations.

Jeff and I have spent the past few months finalizing our new version of THE FOUR and working through how our two organizations can work better together to reach more students for Christ. They just put in an order of 30,000 bracelets that they will use this summer and next fall to introduce their students to THE FOUR. This is one example of what we’ve been seeing a lot of lately – Christian ministries humbly working together to see more students reached.


  • Please pray for these 30,000 bracelets, that they would wind up on 30,000 wrists and be used to start 30,000 (or more) conversations about Jesus.
  • Pray that the hearts of those hearing the gospel for the first time would be opened.
  • Pray that the hearts of those sharing the gospel for the first time would be “bitten” by the evangelism bug and want to share this message for the rest of their lives.
  • Pray for our continued relationship with FCA – That our partnership would continue to open new avenues to seeing more students know Jesus.

Want a bracelet of your own?
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