A trip to California


Happy New Year from Orlando!

Christmas is different here in Orlando. Christmas lights on palm trees are just going to take some getting used to.

In my role on the national team, I need to get to know what is going on in other parts of the country, so last weekend Jake and I flew to California to attend a Fastbreak conference there. I made a quick video of our trip that you can find above but let me tell you a story of two girls I met there.

Each afternoon we broke the students into groups depending on where they were spiritually. The Purple group were students that are not yet Christians. I was a leader in that group and sat at a table near Lilly and Yaritzhy. On the first day they shared their beliefs about life and God and we just listened. On the second day we broke into smaller groups so we could share our view of God. I was in a group with Lilly and Yaritzhy and they pummeled me with questions. They had questions about angels, demons, heaven, hell, the Catholic church, hypocrites, why we can trust the Bible – so many questions. They knew a lot about God but these questions were keeping them from wanting to take steps forward. As I answered them and transitioned to the gospel, they were ready to hear. As I explained how Jesus was our only solution to the problem of sin in our lives, they both said that they felt like they needed to clean up their lives a little first, then they would accept him. But, when I told them that Jesus wants to come in and do that cleaning up for them, and that we are powerless to clean up our own lives, they both decided to place their faith in Him then and there.

These girls are excellent examples of where many teenagers are spiritually today. They know some answers, but no one is sitting down with them and, without judgement, just listening to them and answering their questions. Please pray for more adults to chose to step into relationships with these precious teenagers, to lovingly listen to them and lead them to The Light. They are waiting.

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  1. Anika Neal

    Love it! I appreciate how you continue to capture what God is up to & how He is leading you personally to be involved. Love u guys!

  2. Lisa Everingham

    Jake seem pretty chill throughout this entire video. Do you think you could make a video of him getting really stoked and excited about something? I’d love to see that!
    PS I love what God did through you in the purple group. Inspired

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