Ice Cream and Celebrations!

Howdy from Orlando!,

It’s been a great month of life and ministry! I (Mark) have the privilege of helping lead our Cru ministry at Gabe and Jake’s school – Avalon Middle School. We’ve got a rag-tag group of about 15 students that come each week to grow in their faith in God. Last week we had our 25 foot Ice Cream Sunday and over 50 kids showed up to check out Cru (but mostly to eat ice cream). A lot of them were interested in coming to Cru and 4 indicated that they wanted to invite Christ into their lives. Please pray for these young teens as we teach them what a relationship with God is all about!

This month has been FULL of wonderful celebrations for us personally as well – Gabe turned 14, Kate turned 5, Nate turned 11, and our marriage turned 17!  Not to mention Gabe and Jake were both baptized! We are amazed at the goodness of God- giving all of our kids wonderful friends to celebrate these special days with… and we were blessed to get away for a night to celebrate our anniversary and to have some great interruption-free connection!

I (Dawn) am personally learning the joys and trials of planning a conference. Our new leader’s conference in Cincinnati falls under my leadership, and its an opportunity to jump start the training for our newest staff. It’s a daunting job for this mom of 4. I’m trusting God, as this is His conference… but I’m under a pile of details at the moment. By God’s grace, we will not only train them how to do a suburban ministry, how to get into schools and give classroom talks, but also how to partner with college campuses, and how to launch urban ministries. Please pray for this conference November 5-9, for God to go before us and be inspiring everything we do there.


Mark & Dawn


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