New Routines

This time last year I was writing about our first Cru meeting and we were spending a lot of our time leading our students, volunteers, and following up new interested students. This year is very different! We’ve spent our month settling our family into a new city, beginning to learn how our new roles work, and just trying to enjoy the ride as we are hit with many new situations and opportunities.

I (Mark) have had all week planning meetings with both our National High School Leadership team as well as with our multi-ministry Research and Development team (pictured right) as we set our direction for the year. I’m enjoying the new challenges and the ability to make changes in our ministry, but being in the office every day is a definite change of pace and the learning curve here is steep. Please pray that I will continue to make progress on some very important projects, even as I learn how things work here and how to best get things done in this new setting.

And for me (Dawn), every day here this month has been full.  Full of transition, full of new relationships, full of work, and full of purpose.  I am working at the Cru office one day a week, and from home every other day.  I am very much excited for where we are headed in terms of training our new staff and interns (my new role), but I am seeing what an uphill battle it is.  One of the greatest things about Cru is the ministry training one receives – whether a student, a volunteer, an intern, or a staff.  The content is amazing, and yet for the last few years, training has not been as accessible, nor has it been held as a high value among our staff.  Across the country, our staff have been ‘doing’ the work of the ministry without really being equipped on the how and the why.  There is a real gap in effectiveness/understanding… and ultimately training in terms of our younger staff vs our seasoned staff.  This is why I have taken this role… to prayerfully close this gap.

My late August/September has really been getting up to speed with how our training is supposed to work, and casting vision to our team leaders throughout the country as to how to make it better.  Our new staff and intern training is like a 2 year college course that requires ‘book work’ as well as on-the-site training.  God is calling me to hold high the value of training and equipping our new staff as they desire to do the work of the ministry.  Please pray for these efforts.  We do not want anyone to feel like they are pouring out without being poured into.  We want our staff members to know what to do when launching ministries, building movements, and winning, building, and sending students to/for Christ.  Pray that God would give me wisdom in this role, and by the power of His Spirit see our new leaders be effective in their ministries.



The kids are settling in alright. Everyone misses friends back home but they are making new ones and enjoying a lot of swim time to avoid the crazy heat. Sports practices and games have been keeping us running around a lot this fall. We wanted to get the kids plugged in right away so they could meet friends and they have!

The Michal’s are so grateful for you and all your prayers and encouragement. As we continue through the Fall, please pray for…

  • Relationships for ourselves and our children – godly men, women, boys, girls and families that we can connect with and grow up with
  • Wisdom for Mark and Dawn – in our new roles our decisions impact more people and many more teenagers. Pray that God would give us wisdom to make good decisions that will ultimately cause more teenagers to know Jesus!
  • Favor – of all the new people we need to work with to do our jobs well. Wether it is people under us, beside us, or above us, pray that God would give us favor with the people we need to work with, so we can continue to move the ball forward on our projects.

Until they all know Him,






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