The Conference that Almost Didn’t Happen

“I’m sorry Mark but the roads are just too slippery out there.  We’re not going to let our daughter come to the conference”. 

I was getting a number of texts like that last Friday afternoon.  The weather was bad enough to cancel school on the day that our buses were supposed to leave for our weekend conference.  FASTBREAK has been so instrumental in so many of our students’ changed lives over the years and for their sakes, I was fighting to make it happen this year.   Our staff team had come down to the hotel in Dayton, OH to set up for the conference and I gathered them to gather to pray and brainstorm “plan B” plans in case we had to cancel.  I started sending out emails and texts asking others to pray on our students’ behalf.

Fast forward a few hours and at 7:15PM that night I got a call from our bus captains that every one of our FHS students (except one kid that had mono) was on the bus.  All of them!!!  The weather slowed down that afternoon and the roads became better and parents reversed their decisions. 

Of the 120 Fishers/HSE students we brought, 6 indicated that they received Christ that weekend.  One of those guys was in Dawn’s “How to share your testimony” seminar when he realized that he didn’t have a testimony – he’d never personally received Christ into his life. So, one of our staff led him to Christ then and there – Now he’s got one! 

Alicia and her friends want to walk with God but for the past few years, they have experienced an emotional “conference high” at FASTBREAK that didn’t bear any fruit when they returned home. This year, though, they reported that they didn’t cry much this year, but, instead felt God doing something deeper in their hearts than just an emotional experience.  Please pray for this group of students, that they would hunger for God and want Him more than all the things the world is offering them back home!

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