A lot of Kims

 This summer a handful of our former students lead our summer ministry while we were away. 

Kim came to Christ through Cru while she was in high school and continued to grow in her faith when she went off to college.  This summer, she helped some other college students lead our summer ministry here in Fishers while we were gone.  Through small groups, big group meetings, and one on one relationships she impacted the lives of a number of our Cru teens over the summer.  To describe our ministry we often use the phrase, “Turning lost teenagers into Christ-centered laborers” and Kim is such a great example of that.

As I look at this picture of our last Summer Cru and think of the hundreds of students that will be at our first Cru meetings in a few short weeks, I think of all the “Kim”s that will be there.  Teenagers that don’t know Jesus – the hope of the world – and are just waiting for someone to tell them.  They need someone to explain the gospel in their language so that they can embrace Jesus and follow Him.  They are chasing after grades, relationships, success in sports, and substances that they think will satisfy them, but none of that will.  They were created to be satisfied by only one thing – a relationship with their Creator.  This is their only hope.

Thank you for sending us to tell them about Jesus.  As the school year starts up, please be praying for…

  • Praise God for our 50 amazing student leaders – Please pray that they would lead well and be willing to pay the time/energy/and even reputation price to be strong witnesses for Jesus in their school this year.
  • Please pray for our staff/volunteer team – we have new people coming on, and others stepping down.  Pray that we would be ready to jump into relationships with students and love them well!
  • Please pray for our first Cru meeting on Aug 21st – that many students would come and begin hungering after Jesus!
  • Please pray for our graduated seniors – that they would walk closely with God as they start their college careers and find a strong Christian community where they can grow and continue to lead spiritually.
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