A Slovenia Story

Over Spring Break I (Mark) had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia with a handful of teenagers to share the love of Jesus with the students there.

Each day after school we had activities for the students we met and on Wednesday, Tinky (a Freshman) came to our Short Film Festival at a nearby coffeeshop.  We watched three 5 minute movies and had discussions around our table about each one.  The last video was a visual presentation about how Jesus can give us new life.  We had some great conversations and got into a lot of spiritual discussion.  When the rest of the students left, Tinky stayed.  She turned to Gabby (American student) and said, “I’d like to know more about God but Church is just so boring and I can’t understand it.”.  Tinky’s grandmother passed away a few months ago and she was looking for answers.  Gabby shared her testimony with her about how she had found church boring growing up as well, but in high school had discovered what it meant to have a personal relationship with God, and that has made all the difference. 

The next day Tinky came to the park to hang out with us.  When everyone else left to play basketball, Tinky stayed on the bench and asked one of our adult leaders (Holida) to talk.  Holida talked with her, then went through the gospel with her and Tinky prayed to receive Christ!  A vast majority of Slovenian teenagers are atheists and a small percent are Catholics but it is very rare to see a student understand the gospel and embrace Christ.  Praise God!

Tinky came to the airport at 5AM to see us off and many tears were shed.  She is meeting this week with one of the Cru staff in Slovenia to begin studying the Bible with her.  Please pray for her!

see pictures and videos from our trip to Slovenia at:


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