Impacting a Teenager Impacts the Family

We see some very cool stories happening all the time in our work with teenagers, but once in a  while something happens that just makes you say, “Wow”!  Here’s one of those stories. 

Jenny got involved with Cru through a softball outreach that Dawn did with her team a few years ago.  She came from a great family that believed in God but only went to church at Christmas and Easter.  At Cru she found a place where she could get a lot of answers about God and she soon came to know and love Jesus in a new way.  This year Jenny joined our student leadership team and was able to bring her Freshman sister to our Fastbreak conference where she accepted Christ into her life. 

A few weeks later, Jenny joined Deborah Foxworth (one of our staff) to a local church we partner with (Waterline) to share what God is doing through our ministry. They shared at Waterline’s Sunday service how God has used Cru in Jenny’s life.  Jenny came and brought her whole family with her.  After the service her father, Todd, asked if he could talk with Deborah so he and Jenny joined Deborah at a coffeeshop that afternoon.  He shared how much he has enjoyed watching Jenny grow spiritually and said that he wanted that same thing for his life.   He said, “Jenny has you to build into her life and teach her about God but I don’t have someone like that.”   Deborah asked if she could share how he could know God personally and he said he would like that.  Twenty minutes later, Todd asked Christ into his life.  Deborah immediately contacted the pastor at Waterline church and he and Todd sat down to talk about his new faith in Christ.   They now meet regularly and the whole family attends Waterline every week. 

Praise God for His work in the lives of Jenny’s family.  Please continue to pray that this beautiful family would continue to grow in their new faith in Christ!

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