Myrtle Beach Getaway

Fishers Getaway GroupLast week we took 10 students from Fishers along with a bus load of other students from Indianapolis to Myrtle Beach for our annual GETAWAY conference.  This year Mark was the Conference Director, so, although we didn’t see much of him, it was exciting to see him lead with the gifts God has given him. You would have been proud of him.




As always, one of our favorite parts of the trip is when we take our students to share their faith on the beach.  For 2 afternoons, we go out on the beach and do surveys which lead to spiritual conversations.  On the first day, Reiley came to me in tears, frustrated because she wanted so badly to share her faith with these people but she just didn’t’ know what to say.  She knew they needed Jesus and that she had what they needed, she just couldn’t put it into words.  The next day, and after more training and experience, she came up to me excited that she had some great spiritual conversations and had some great responses.  I love leading students into difficult and rewarding steps of faith!


Click HERE for more pictures of the GETAWAY

Click HERE to hear some of the talks and other media from the GETAWAY

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