Getting Closer

Deanne had been to a few SV events, but she sat cross armed, gazing around skeptically.  There are people there that she is great friends with, but all the excitement about God ‘seemed contrived’, she said.  At some point, Deanne checked on a comment card that she wanted to talk further.  When I asked Caitlyn, her friend, to set up a time with her, Denise was apprehensive.  “I hope they don’t force it all on me,” she told her.
It took a while, but eventually, she met me at Dairy Queen just before the “I agree with JT” outreach.  She had a lot of questions and objections to the Christian faith.  God gave me words for her questions, and I talked through the “Lord, Liar, Lunatic” argument that CS Lewis presents in his writings.  “Hmmm…  That makes sense,” was her remark.  “But what about all the contradictions in the Bible?”  I encouraged her to go home, find whatever contradictions she could, and read Luke & Acts before we met next.
Almost 3 weeks later, we met again.  She was nervous to meet again, she said, because she “hadn’t done her homework”.
It was great to meet with her, and we looked at an article from that explained why there are apparent contradictions when you read the Bible at surface level.  Further study shows how these apparent contradiction could be explained.
She seemed satisfied with that, then asked another hard question, “It’s one thing to have a human say that He was God (Jesus) and talk to you, but it’s a whole other thing for an unseen God to speak to His people as in the Old Testament.  How do you explain that?”  How do you explain that?  Great question.  Looking at what we believe through the eyes of a skeptic is very challenging and wonderfully faith stretching.  Honestly, I don’t really remember what came out of my mouth.  I agreed it sounds crazy that a God we can’t see would speak to us, even audibly at times, but I just went through the OT conversationally and talked about all the mighty things that God did, from the Bible and that are historically backed up by extra-biblical accounts – esp the plagues, the parting of the red sea, the taking over of land promised to them by this God, the miracles of the prophets, and just stated, how could they NOT believe in this God and write it down?  And how can we not, when so much of this is backed up by history?  Also, all the other nations had a physical representation they worshipped for a god, this unseen God stuff was not something they would have made up!
At the end of this 2nd conversation, Deanne was fully tracking.  She asked, “so what did you want me to read, Luke & Acts?”  Yeah, that would be a great start.  “Now I can’t wait to read it,” she said.  “The Bible sounds so interesting.”  WOW, God.  I couldn’t believe she just said that.  I asked if she was ready to know how to become a Christian.  She replied, “No.  But before we met the first time I would have emphatically told you I was an atheist.  Now I will tell you that I don’t think Christians are stupid for believing this stuff.  And I’m even open to believing it’s true myself.”
Praise God.  Totally a work of the Spirit.  Pray for this precious girl, Deanne.  She is wonderful, and God is pursuing her heart.  Only He can reveal this as truth.

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