The Swamp Monster

This is a story I made up for my boys.  They keep asking me to tell it, so I thought I’d post it online…

Once upon a time, there was a SWAMP MONSTER.  He was very hungry so he wandered around the swamp looking for something good to eat.

At the same time, there were three boys who had spent the entire day hunting and fishing.  They were walking through the swamp carrying a lot of fish and two ‘possum’s, bringing them home for their dinner.  As they walked, they heard a rustling in the bushes [Shhwshhhwshwshhh].  The older brother said, “What was that?”.  The younger brother said, “Guys, let’s just go home”.  But the middle brother said, “Let’s find out what it is!” and he charged to the bushes to see.  As he got closer, he cautiously peered into the bushes, pulling them away to see what could be inside.  Suddenly the SWAMP MONSTER jumped out and gobbled him up! [gobble sounds]

“AHHHHH!” the other brothers yelled.  But, they were both so terrified of the SWAMP MONSTER, they decided to just keep walking home.  A little while later, they, again heard the rustling in the bushes.  [Shhwshhhwshwshhh]  “I have to go get my brother back”, said the older brother bravely.  Trembling, he walked over to the bushes and demanded, “SWAMP MONSTER, give me back my brother!  There were a few moments of silence but just as he was about to address the SWAMP MONSTER again, the SWAMP MONSTER jumped out and gobbled him up!  [gobble sounds]

The younger brother was so scared that he almost left the fish and ‘possum’s right there and ran home, but instead, he turned and walked up to the SWAMP MONSTER and said, “SWAMP MONSTER!  you have eaten my brothers.  But I know that they are skinny and stinky and probably don’t taste very good.  But I have a lot of fish here and two juicy ‘possums that I will give you if you give me back my brothers.  The SWAMP MONSTER thought about it and, without warning [bleuhaaaah] he threw up one brother and then [bleuhaaaah] he thew up the other one.  Both stood dazed, covered with slime wondering what just happened.  The younger brother thew the fish and ‘possums to the SWAMP MONSTER who jumped right back into the bushes to eat his dinner.

The brothers went home hungry, but at least they had each other.



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