I Agree with JT

“I don’t know what this ‘I agree with JT’ thing is, but I think I’m going to go”.  This was a tweet from a Fishers student the week of our “I agree with JT” outreach in April.  She and 140 other students came to the Cafeteria that night to see what all the talk was about.  That week we had blitzed the campus with 200 fliers on the wall, 60 t-shirts each day, sidewalk chalk at the entrance, writing on whiteboards, all saying “I agree with JT, April 26 7:30 in the Cafeteria”.  Our students also tweeted and facebooked like crazy, inviting everyone they knew to this “mystery event”.  When asked what it was, we told all of our students to say, “Come and find out on Thursday night!”.

That night, we had tons of cookies, pizza, fun contests, all waiting for the students as they began to swarm in.  We ended up with 140 students and about 1/3 or 1/2 were new students that we had never seen before.  We did a few games and icebreakers, gave out a few prizes, then brought up JT.  JT is a senior who has been involved in SV all 4 years of high school.  He shared about growing up in a Christian home, but straying from Christ in early high school as he sought his identity in admiration from his friends.  He did an excellent job of sharing how those things he ran to never satisfied him and then JT shared the gospel and how he finally found satisfaction in Christ.  It was such a clear presentation of the gospel and a compelling life story.

As JT, Pat (student who headed up the outreach) and I looked through the comment cards, it was fun to see those guys visibly moved by some of the people who marked that they had accepted Christ or that wanted to talk more.  They had poured their hearts and souls into this event and now are seeing the eternal impact that they made.  How rewarding!  One of our student leaders told me, “I think I want to do this for the rest of my life.” (meaning reaching people for Christ full-time).

That is what happens when students lead spiritually.  They cease to be passive observers and catch a vision for how God could use them.  They see that their life can be more significant than taking their high school football team to state, or someday earning a lot of money.  The are involved in changing people’s eternities, and they will never be the same.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of seeing lives changed among teenagers.  For you numbers people, at this event, we saw…

  • 4 people indicate a decision for Christ,
  • 8 mark that they wanted to talk more,
  • 25 new students say that they wanted to get involved with Student Venture,
  • 70 Christian students SV see how they can make a difference in their high school in the coming years,
  • 1 student experience clearly communicating the gospel to his peers
  • 1 student expressing the desire go into full-time ministry

And so many more intangible wins from this event.  Thank you for being a part of transforming the lives of teenagers.  Your gifts and prayers are being used by God to shape and mold this generation while they still have ears to hear.


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  1. Ebe

    Praise to our Awesome, Awesome GOD! Thanks for being on the front lines, Y’all. Continue to run with excellence, pressing on to complete His Glorious Work at Fishers. 🙂

  2. lisa everingham

    I love seeing student lead ministry in your group ! way to go!!

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