For a few weeks now Nick has been telling me about his friend, Drew who I HAVE to meet.  So, when Drew came to Student Venture last week, I asked he and Nick if we could get together and talk about Student Venture and how he could be involved.  I told him that in Student Venture we really do two things, 1) we help people know how to have a relationship with Christ, and 2) we help people grow in that relationship.  I asked him if anyone had ever told him how he could have a relationship with Christ.  When he said, “Not really”, I asked Nick if he could explain it to him.  Nick proceeded to go through the “Connecting with God” booklet that I went through with Nick 2 years ago and he explained to Drew how to have a relationship with Christ.

Drew is a great guy.  He has been raised in a Catholic home with great parents, but has never understood how to really have his sins forgiven or how to grow in a relationship with Christ.  As Nick walked through the gospel with him, He grasped more and more what it means to accept this free gift of grace from God.  When Nick asked him, “Would you like to ask Christ to forgive your sins and sit on the throne of your life?” Drew’s answer was an immediate “Yes!”.

It is very exciting to see, over and over again, so many students who are ready to say “Yes” to Jesus, it’s just that no one has clearly explained the gospel to them or asked them if they are ready.  Thank you, supporters, for giving us a platform to speak to students about the most important decision they can ever make.  Drew thanks you too.

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