Every week we have the opportunity to go to the high school at lunch time and see our students.  I (Mark) was standing near the wall, talking with Jenn (our new staff) as the students came into the cafeteria.  One of our students, Genesis, came up to us and said, “I have a friend that has some questions about God, can she talk to you?”  “Um….. Yeah!”  We met her friend, Jennifer, and the four of us got together at Arby’s after school to talk.

Jennifer had gone to church when she was younger but didn’t’ really understand how “the whole God thing” worked.  I was able to share the gospel with her, answer some questions, and 1 1/2 hours later, Jennifer decided that it was time for her to invite Jesus into her life.  It was so exciting to see the understanding in her eyes and to hear her sweet, genuine prayers to Christ.
Jenn has been following her up and I just saw them after school yesterday at a local coffee house, Bibles open, in deep conversation.

Jennifer’s story is such a great reminder of how ripe the harvest is right now in the Fishers area.  We seem to be seeing people coming to Christ left and right.  Praise God that we could be in that cafeteria, and that Jennifer asked Genesis who we were, and that Genesis had the boldness to ask us to help.  How many more students are, like Jennifer, just looking for someone to ask?

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  1. Stephana Bledsoe

    Wow….absolutely wonderful to hear!

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