Riverside Junior High is where it’s at!

I just got back from our first ever Jr. High SV meeting in Fishers.   Over this past year we have had a couple of moms praying for us to be able to start SV at Riverside Junior High School.  Last month we found a teacher who was willing to be a teacher sponsor and our team was big enough to be able to handle it.  This morning we showed up at the school at 6:30 armed with doughnuts, crazy games and the Bible.  As 6:50 rolled around the students started to trickle in, and by the time we started the game, the doughnuts were almost all gone and 40 students were milling around in their little groups.  The 1/2 hour was full of laughter, smiles, and truth. As they grabbed their bags to go to their first class, I heard a lot of “I’m going to bring my friend next time” and “When’s our next meeting?”  Teens today are making the same kinds of decisions in Jr. High school that we used to make in High School.  Please pray for us as we build relationships with them and help them navigate the very challenging culture that they are living in.

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