Answered Prayers for Kate

When we lived in Indy, we were in community with many other adoptive families, and a few that adopted from China. Though we were sad to leave that community, we were excited for the potential diversity we’d be living in when we moved to Orlando. Although we moved into a diverse place, for some reason, [...]

Trevor met Jesus on TikTok.

Trevor met Jesus on TikTok. He told me (Mark) all about it as we walked around outside one afternoon at our Fastbreak Conference. He was scrolling through TikTok watching random videos and found someone talking about God. He had been thinking about God recently and started watching more and more. It turns out that once [...]

Cards That Start Spiritual Conversations

Dear Friend, We pray that God is making himself known to you in 2022. We are so grateful for you and pray that God would draw your heart more and more to Him. As we continue to create tools and resources to help people reach teenagers, we wanted to highlight one that God has been [...]

Training New Leaders

The future is BRIGHT for the High School Ministry of Cru! Last week Dawn put on our New Leader’s Conference here in Orlando. Once a new staff or intern completes the support raising process, his/her CORE Training experience begins. This training program takes about 2.5 years for our full time people, and equips their hearts [...]

Helping Albanian Churches

I just got off of a video call with Pal in Albania.  Pal works with teenagers in Albania, helping them come to know Jesus and grow in their faith.  Last year we updated our THRIVE app to allow our small group studies to be translated into Albanian which has been a real encouragement to them. [...]

The Michal American History Tour 2021

Cru offered both Mark & I (Dawn) a sabbatical after serving for 20 years. Our sabbatical this summer was a dream I had while homeschooling the boys through 4th grade. Teaching and relearning American History with them caused us to love learning together as a family, and yearn to take them to all of the [...]

Training Leaders in Africa

Dawn and I love the work we get to do with Cru. Reaching students with the gospel is our passion and God continues to press on to our hearts this audience of teenagers - such a crucial time in someone’s life! And while we love working with American teens, we know that over 95 percent [...]

Students Leading Students

One of our core values in Cru is that our movements would become increasingly student-led, as young people grow in their faith and take steps to share that faith with others. This pandemic has made it difficult for our staff to develop leaders but God is still doing great things in, and through, students in [...]

“I’m not sure what I think about God”

Trinity explained during one of our weekly Cru meetings. Trinity started coming to Cru in Plano, TX when a friend from school invited her to our fall pumpkin carving outreach. Trinity comes from a faith background where her parents have taken her to church occasionally but until the start of the pandemic, she did not [...]

Thriving in Vietnam

Before I (Mark) was born, my father traveled to Vietnam as a soldier in a war that didn’t go so well. How surprised I was this year when I learned that I, too, would have an impact in that country half-way around the world. A few months ago I told you that we had translated [...]